Wills Estate is a digital platform that allows you to create wills and estates online. 

Wills Estate is not a law firm and we (and our Personnel and Affiliates) are not providing you with legal advice or legal services when you access and use the Wills Estate Platform and Services. While:

(a) the User Data (including your Will and/or Power of Attorney) generated or created through the Wills Estate Platform may assist you with your estate planning requirements; and

(b) our Estate Planning Experts may provide you with Support Services from time to time, it is not a substitute for independent legal advice.

If you are seeking professional legal advice in relation to estate planning requirements, we encourage you to contact Wills Estate Law or another law firm before applying our estate planning solutions to your individual circumstances.

If you are unsure about your will or estate, we recommend going to a law firm and speaking to a lawyer.